How do I check my rent?

1. You may call or send an email to the Huurteam Leeuwarden to make an appointment for a rent calculation. Please provide a copy of your lease/rent contract to the advisors of the Huurteam to serve as our reference.
2. The advisers of the Huurteam Leeuwarden shall come to you and calculate the maximum rent based on the current condition of your rented/leased dwelling property.
3. Is the rent too high than what is reasonably fair or correct rent amount? Then we shall go along with you for a dialogue with the landlord to discuss the issue.
Or you can request the service of Huurteam Leeuwarden on your request, for the proceedings before the Rent Assessment Committee (Huurcommissie) .
4. Of course, you can also calculate yourself the number of score points to determine your reasonable rent rate. You can go to the website

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If you are paying for the dwelling property a rent that exceeds € 710.68, you should make an appeal within six months after you signed the rent/lease contract.